So the grandiose expo of confectionery and bakery ingredients is over! On the one hand, we are sad that this festival of professionals has already ended, while on the other hand, we have received a lot of new information about the latest trends in the market, which allows us to keep improving ourselves and help you create products that will be high in demand.

We are determined to support you in the process of creating the best confectionery and bakery products market in Krasnodar and beyond. Suvorovsky Redut Group took active part in organizing this event, helping its partner, the creator of this format – the IREKS|TRIER Group. The HAUSMESSE expo helped us to identify the main market trends for the near future, taught us to work with new customer requests and gave many happy impressions.

We are ready to share our knowledge and skills with everyone who wants to try their hand at confectionery and bakery. Become our customer, and we will help you to organize your favorite pastry shop or bakery for your customers. We know how to create and sell delicious products. We are ready to teach you how to satisfy any request from your future customers. To start working with us, call our manager  and you will get a free consultation on how to start working with Suvorovsky Redut Group.

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